Prom Garment Contract

Thank you for choosing STYLISTKD to create your dream Prom garment for your big day. Before we begin, we must get some legal policies out of the way. Please thoroughly read the contract below then sign your signature. 

If further clarification is needed, please contact the StylistKD company as soon as possible before signing. Thank you again for choosing STYLISTKD! We truly appreciate you and your business.

Please Note: STYLISTKD does NOT service clients under 18 years of age without a Parent or Guardian.


All garments are made to order and a 50% non-refundable prepayment is due at the time of measurement or within 7 days after consultation to keep your request in the order received. The design process, including fabric sampling, or pattern making will not begin until half of the total garment cost is made in full.

Please note: It is highly recommended to begin the booking process as soon as possible to ensure all desired materials/elements are obtained and fulfilled promptly.

* RUSH ORDERS: Rush orders MAY be accepted, contingent on the designer’s availability. 

Please be advised that order will be subjected to a $100+ Rush Fee. The total fee will be based on the requested design and location.

Note: Orders are fulfilled in chronological order, NOT on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, garments are finalized in the order of the Date Needed. The remaining balance is due at the time of PICK UP OR before SHIPPING.

* Garments will NOT be finalized until the remaining balance is fulfilled.

OUT OF STATE clients: The remaining balance is due upon completion before shipment.


Cash and Mobile Payments (Cash App OR Zelle ONLY) are accepted. Personal Checks Are NOT accepted. If a Payment Plan is needed, be sure to inquire & make arrangements.
Please be advised: Any details removed from a design will NOT change the finalized and agreed-upon price of the garment. However, additional details may increase the total price.


Because progress footage does not accurately reflect the overall look of the design on a mannequin, except OUT OF STATE clients, garment progress updates are reserved for Person Fittings.

*Note: Please allow two to three weeks from the deposit to receive or inquire about updates regarding the progress of your garment.


The client is responsible for having someone available to assist with the measuring process while on via FaceTime or Zoom to ensure all measurements are correct. It is highly recommended to have a backup seamstress in your town available in the event alterations are necessary.

Please keep in mind, that all pieces are custom-to-fit garments, which means they are made to your size and shape.
Being out of state and unable to schedule fittings, If the client’s measurements decrease between the time measurements are received and the dress is completed, the client may have the dress altered by a local seamstress (ie: dry cleaner or fabric shop) However if measurements increase, garments will not have enough allowance to be taken out.


Size is determined by the largest measurement; therefore, alterations are typically required throughout the design process. Fittings will be scheduled on an as-needed basis, (minimum two) as the garment is being created and will not begin until half of the total payment is made in full.


Delivery of final product(s) will be contingent and scheduled based on what is coordinated with StylistKD. Typical Due Dates will be set no less than One to Two Weeks as long as your order was made in a timely fashion and isn’t a last-minute rush order.



Since all of STYLISTKD’s garments are custom-made to-measure pieces, ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NONREFUNDABLE.


If the event the garment is needed for is canceled, you are still responsible for the full payment of your order.

For unforeseen emergencies such as natural disasters, national emergencies, etc. please contact the Head Designer AS SOON AS POSSIBLE for any assistance regarding different options. Please note: this document reflects your understanding of all policies and all payments received being NON-REFUNDABLE. Cancellations against said policies sent through the bank or financial institution of initial payment may be subjected to an Inconvenience Fee.

  • By typing my name below, I certify my understanding of and agreement with the above contract
  • Any questions concerning this contract have been discussed and agreed upon with the Head Designer
  • I understand I am responsible for all charges and deadlines stated in the invoice and contracted agreement

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